A “félelmetesen látványos” 5000 Halloween tök esete
Tallózó, 2013. október 31.

Spooky Spectacular: Halloween Display Features 5,000 Illuminated Pumpkins

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island is the result of several weeks ofpreparation by teams of expert carvers. The highly anticipated annual event features a breathtaking display of 5,000 illuminated Jack-o-lanterns, with over 125 of them artistically carved and displayed in scenes to play out the annual theme.

This year the show has been called Pumpkinville USA and features intricate pumpkin art representing different regions of America; highlighting their unique attributes and historical and cultural landmarks of each of the states. One scene commemorates civil rights icon Rosa Parks, while another depicts President John F. Kennedy. Other designs include representations of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, singer Bruce Springsteen and a Hollywood pumpkin featuring Tom Cruise and Marilyn Monroe. The show's finale, the Laughing Tree, sees hundreds of glowing Jack-o-lanterns on the ground and in trees surrounding carved giant pumpkins of over 1,000 pounds.

Situated on the Zoo's picturesque wetlands trail, the event has won praise from across the nation for its amazing artistry and appeal as a unique family-friendly autumn destination. Over 100,000 people have come in each of the past three years to enjoy the night time show, and last year's Spectacular set an all-time record of over 110,000 visitors. Ned Handy, president of sponsors Citizens Bank said: "This incredible pumpkin display continues to amaze spectators both young and old. We are looking forward to another successful season." The Show will run "rain or shine" until 3 November.

result - eredmény
preparation - előkészület
carver - faragó
highly anticipated – várva várt
annual – éves, évenkénti
to feature - szerepeltet
breathtaking - lélegzetelállító
artistically - művészien
theme - téma
intricate - bonyolult
to represent – képviselni, ábrázolni
region – vidék, régió
to highlight - kiemelni
attribute - jellegzetesség
to commemorate - megemlékezni
civil rights - polgárjogok
to depict - ábrázolni
finale - finálé
to surround - körbevenni
picturesque – festői
wetlands – láp
to win praise – dicséretet kapni
incredible - hihetetlen
spectator - néző
rain or shine – ha esik, ha fúj

Find the synonyms!

1. to depict

a) complicated

2. incredible

b) characteristic

3. intricate

c) to describe

4. to commemorate

d) yearly

5. attribute

e) to remember

6. annual

f) unbelievable

answers: 1-c 2-f 3-a 4-e 5-b 6-d